Bright Young Things

we’ve just got back from attending the film premier of Bright Young Things, which is the first film directed by Stephen Fry. It was a real posh affair (black tie) and we got to walk throught the paperatzee (spelling corrector required – basic rates of pay, no benefits).
we arrived at the same time as david mellor which was nice. prince charles turned up eventually and we all sang a song to his mum (god save ‘er)
we saw loads of celebs as well as prince charles. here are a few photos
jim broadbent, stephen fry and some of the cast (Dan Ackroyd on the right)
angus dayton with an equally unfashionably shoulder bag
john sessions with one of my colleagues in the background
ben elton and rowan atkinson
apologies that most of the photos are of people’s backs. i was good at spotting people just too late ! we also saw tracey emin and salmon rushdie on the way out. There are some better photos and an interview on the BBC website
the film was really good, the seat comfortable and we all got a free bottle of diet coke as well.