posh seats

i bet you have to wear a shell-suit if you want to sit on these.


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  1. Vin: I can see we are going to have some word banter going on. I’m shell-fish enough to want to win this and crab the prize! I suppose if I were a betting man (I’m not) the prize would be Sick-squid.
    Your turn!

  2. Some razor-sharp gags there, rascle – I’ve an ocean you’ve been exercising your laugh mussels and scratching your scallop to winkle out those puns. Perhaps Mi-chelle will join in (shell be most whelk-ome) and I know funkypancake lobster crack a few himself. If I am able to clam a prize I hope it’ll be a Rolex Oyster, but it’ll probably just be a canteen of cuttlery (and I’m so skint I’ll have to take it along to the prawnshop). I’m not shore, though – it’s a cray area. And if I were a betting man (which I’m not) I’d have a flutter at Coral.

  3. Sorry for the delay out of the office Friday.
    I can see we are going to make a m’eel of this. I’ve just cod to reply. Perhaps you are trying to put me in my plaice? or shell we both retire gracefully and await another round.

  4. No, let’s continue unherringly, wrassecle, seeing’s you’ve widened the net a bit to include fish, which came as a bit(e) of a shark. There are plenty more fish in the sea, so it should be a piece of hake. Everybody’s doing it – ex-Beatle bass player Mackerel be whiting a fish-song next. “I’m Forever Blowing Barbels” was a good fish-song, but he didn’t write that one. “The Ling and Whiting Roach” was his, though, as of course were “Blenny Lane” and “It’s Getting Batter”. “There’s a Plaice” was a Lennon composition, however, as was the magnificent “A Dace in the Life” and “#9 Bream”. Both those guys were great tunasmiths. As for the Sex Pistols, “Never Mind the Pollocks” was carp. Now I’ve made a sprat of myself.

  5. No I concede at that!
    I gave up fishing at age about 8 when, after along boring morning, my Dad caught something on my line while had a wee behind a bush. I have no fishing vocab left.
    We done Vin and all: We had a whale of a time!!!!!

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