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can anyone guess where this is ? it’s a london landmark which costs 2 of your english earth-pounds to go in
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  • greenwich? – but what are earth-pounds? have air pounds as well?

  • nope.
    earth pounds are one of the many currency used on earth (as opposed to any other planet)

  • St. Paul’s maybe?

  • nope.
    it’s a famous monument …

  • is it london bridge? the one with the towers? does it have an official name? or the tower of london? those are my guesses, sadly i realize i don’t know very much about london any more.

  • Is it inside the Queen’s left ear?

  • is it “Monument”? as in circle line, district line and central line!
    well worth the climb if it is or isn’t – and you get a certificate for your small payment!

  • well done Van, it is the Monument.
    i’m glad you guessed correctly as i can now post my photos from the top and explain a bit more tomorrow

  • michelle – it’s called Tower Bridge, but it isn’t (see above comment).
    i like how you say you don’t know much about london any more – Tower Bridge and the Tower of London don’t change very much. And the monument has been up for a few hundred years (built from 1671 to commemorate the Great Fire of London and rebuilding the City.

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