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i went round to mend a friend’s computer last night and to pay me she gave me a bottle of wine (for jane) and a box of galaxy chocolate bars for me ! so much for the no choc rule (back on hold at the moment).
i set the ‘point of sale’ box up and now it feels a little like i’m running a confectionary stall.
i could never be a proper computer repair man. my teeth would drop out.
but i was quite pleased with this (slightly photoshopped) photo of the chocs in their box !

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  • Mmmm, chocolate. There’s quite a debate in our house – Galaxy v Cadbury’s. I’m very much in the Galaxy camp. But it has to come straight out of the fridge and be consumed with either a glass of cold milk or a glass of whisky.

  • i’m more in the cadbury’s camp, although since i ‘gave up’ regular chocolate bars i have started enjoying other brands – even Yorkies.
    i’m with you on the fridge thing, though jane doesn’t like her chocolate cold.
    mine must be consumed with beer or hot water.

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