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right, following last week’s ear infection and general health malade, i’ve decided i need to do my exclusion diet for a fortnight. see earlier post for some more details
definately out is chocolate, bread and dairy products.
not sure what is in yet. going to tesco to find out. fruit, salad and veg i suspect. (though fruit is too sugary really).
if you see me eating bad stuff shout at me.

2 Responses to here comes misery …

  • Diets are good for you assuming they are sensible ones. They are good for the body and good for the soul so stick at it! I am hopeless at them so have a hopeless body and soul.

  • that blaine-in-a-box is dieting too. he probably got the idea from me or something.
    i have allowed myself a little more movement than he has, and i’m not dangling from a crane. he however, pro-rata, is being paid more for his diet than i am

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